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Kinesio sports performance tape.

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Q: What is the black tape on Gareth Bales thighs?
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What is the black tape on gareth bales legs?

The black tape worn by Gareth Bale is in fact kinesiology tape. Kinesiology tape is similar to athletic tape, except it allows more freedom of motion without restricting muscles or blood flow. The abductors on both of Gareth's legs are taped to prevent soccer injuries.

What Does the tape on gareth bales thighs do?

It is called Kinesiology taping and it DOES NOT serves the same purpose that a brace does. The effect(s) of the specialized therapeutic tape are dependent of they way that it is applied to an individual. It can either naturally active the body's own pain management system to reduce pain, or can help support injured muscle and joint to help someone heal faster or quickly reduces bruising or swelling.

Why is there black tape at the Top of Gareth bales legs?

According to an article in the Guardian: "Why Bale has taken to Kinesio taping - he has been wearing it since the middle of September - is unclear as the 21-year-old is not suffering from an injury..... It is believed Bale is using the taping to prevent injury, which makes sense given the full-throttle nature of his runs." Kinesio Tape is available through your physiotherapist or at or worldwide through

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