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It's just regular ankle wrap just in color.

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Q: What is the black tape NFL players wear on their arms?
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What are the muscle strips some beach volleyball players wear? all - brain, lungs, abs, legs, ankles, arms

What type of tape soccer players wear on there wrist?

Its an athletic tape which you can buy from eBay or maybe some sports shops.

Why do basketball players wear warm up uniforms?

to keep their muscles/arms warmed up for the game

Why do some NBA players wear those covers socks or whatever their called on one of their arms?

Those are actually called "shooting sleeves" and basketball players wear them to help maintain their shooting form.

Why do football players wear eyeshadow?

They were eye black, which isn't exactly eyeshadow.

What is the tape that MLB players wear around their wrists that you don't need pre wrap?

It is called power flex. Buy it at ithicasports.con

Why does Javier Hernandez wear white tape on his wrist?

He is wearing a Power Balance Bracelet and since soccer players are not allowed to wear this kind of bracelet in the field, he therefore uses athletic tape to cover it.

In which sport do players wear brown belts and black belts?

its Card Jitsu on club penguin

What do baseball players wear?

They wear a jersey, hat, baseball socks, cleats, mitt, batting gloves [optional], and eye black [optional].

Are soccer players allowed to wear any color tape around their ankles?

As of the 2011/2012 season - no. A new law was introduced that any coloured tape that was to be visibly worn on the socks of a football player had to be the same colour as the sock. Which means that if the sock is blue, the tape would have to be blue.

What are the headphones the NBA players wear?

The NBA players wear Beats by Dr.Dre

What type of tape does Dustin pedroia wear?

Ithaca powerflex sports tape