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Q: What is the birthday of sara tendulkar?
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What is sara tendulkar's age?

i think sara tendulkar age is 18

What is the name of sachin tendulkar's daughter?

Sara Tendulkar

What is sara tendulkar's mobile no?


What is sachin tendulkar's daughter's name?

Sara is Sachin Tendulkar's daughter's name.

Does sara tendulkar study11th standard?


What is Sara Tendulkar doing?

having sex

What is the name of sachin's daughter?

Sara Tendulkar

What is the name of sachin tendulkar children?

Sara and Arjun

What is the age of Sara and Arjun Tendulkar?

Sara Tendulkar was born on 12th October 1997. She is presently 14 years old [as on 2012]. And Arjun Tendulkar was born on 24th September 1999. He is 12 years old [as on 2012].

What is the age of sara tendulkar?

Anjali Tendulkar is reportedly 50 years old (born November 10, 1967).She is the wife of Sachin Tendulkar (cricketer born April 24, 1973),Their daughter Sara was born in 1997.

Who is sachin tendulkar 's children name?

Sara and Arjun

Dob of anjali tendulkar?

Anjali Tendulkar was born on 10 November, 1967. She is a pediatrician and married cricket star Sachin Tendulkar. They have two children Sara and Arjun.