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That is the nickname for the Beijing National Stadium, the main Track and Field stadium and the stadium where the opening and closing ceremonies will be held for the 2008 Summer Olympics. wow!

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Q: What is the birds nest in the Olympics?
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What is the nickname of the Beijing Olympics?

Birds Nest

What actives took place in the birds nest?


How many houses were destroyed to build the birds nest in Beijing stadium?

6000 Source:

When was the last summer Olympics?

Beijing china 2008 birds nest

What is the birds nest?

"Bird's Nest" is the nick name of The Beijing National Stadium in China, home of the Summer Olympics 2008, it's called the Birds nest because of it's architecture, the construction looks like a nest.

What is the Olympics stadium called in Beijing?

Beijing's Olympic Stadium is known as the Birds Nest

What is the name of the stadium where the Olympics are being held this year?

'BIRDS NEST' stdium in Beiging,China

Name the stadium of Beijing where Olympics 2008 took place?

The Birds Nest hope that is ok :)

What arena were the 2008 Olympics held in?

It's official name is the national stadium but it is known as the birds nest

What activities took place in the birds nest at beijing 2008?

The stadium in Beijing, China is also known as the Bird's Nest. It was designed for and used throughout the 2008 Summer Olympics

Why do birds build nest?

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Do birds still use their nest after the babies have gone?

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The olympic birds nest?

it is modelled like a birds nest dumbo!!!

How do you make a birds nest?

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The nest was built by birds.

Facts about the birds nest Beijing?

it looks like a birds nest

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Where is the swimming for the Olympics?

this year (2008) its obviously in Beijing if that's what your talking about? But In Beijing its in the watercube, that's like right next door to the birds nest