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"Bird's Nest" is the nick name of The Beijing National Stadium in China, home of the Summer Olympics 2008, it's called the Birds nest because of it's architecture, the construction looks like a nest.

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Q: What is the birds nest?
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The olympic birds nest?

it is modelled like a birds nest dumbo!!!

How do you make a birds nest?

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Facts about the birds nest Beijing?

it looks like a birds nest

What is the the passive form of Birds built nest?

The nest was built by birds.

Why some birds do not build nest?

Some birds do not build nest's .why?

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Do birds mate before or after making a nest?

Birds mate after and before making a nest

How do birds make a birds nest?

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There are a number of types of birds that do not build a nest. Penguins do not make a nest and nor do many waders or game birds. Cuckoo birds do not make nests.

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Making a nest is a birds natural instinct. The only way to stop birds from making a nest is to block the area they want to use.

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Te specific study of the birds nest is calle "ornithology".

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Other Birds

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