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142 nil Australia vs Namibia

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Q: What is the biggest win in a rugby union match?
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What is the biggest win in rugby union?

I believe that the highest scoring international Rugby Union match was between the New Zealand All Blacks and Chinese TPR. The score was 495-0 in only 90 minutes, and the match was played in China in 2004. What Utter Rubbish.

What is new zealand rugby union team biggest win?

The highest win was in 1995 All blacks 145 - japan 17

What is englands biggest win in rugby union?

Beating Australia on Australia's home ground to win the world cup with heroics performed by Johnny Wilkenson.

How many points do you need to get if you win a rugby union game?

Can you clarify the question as it does not actually guide us to what you are actually asking. To win a match you must have at least one point more that your opponent

When did Australia win the rugby union world cup?

1991 and 1999

What is the biggest ever win in rugby?

new zealand 106 Italy 3

What is the biggest win in a rugby league team?

Lebanon 86 - Italy 0

When Did Fiji win the rugby World Cup?

They have never won the world cup for rugby union however with the exception of the rugby sevens, they have held this title before.

Who are the current rugby union world champions and what year did they win?

New Zealand and 2011

What is the pay for rugby union?

if it is a very good win £500-£1000 (each player)

How many times did the Australian rugby union win the rugby world cup?

twice at time of answering(2012) 1991 and 1999

What is higher ranked rugby league or rugby union?

Rugby Union is more widely known and popular worldwide, however in certain countries, Rugby league seems to atract more media attention ie. the broadcast of NRL games on ch 9 or WIN in Australia. Internationally, Rugby Union is arguably the world's sport other than football or soccer

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