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That depends...What does biggest mean? Heaviest body weight, highest scoring rack (scored by most points and inches/spread of antlers)? Killed by what? Modern gun, muzzle loader, Archery, natural causes?

According to Boone and Crockett scoring, the largest "typical" racked whitetail killed by a hunter with a gun scored 213&5/8, killed by Milo N. Hanson in Biggar, SK, Canada in 1993. It was huge 14 point buck with a 27&2/8" inside spread between the main beams.

The largest "non-typical" racked whitetail was found on the side of the road outside of St. Louis, Mo. in 1981. It scored 333&7/8, had 44 points, with and inside spread of 23&3/8" between the main beams.

The largest believed to have been taken by a hunter with any weapon was taken by fifteen-year-old Tony Lovstuen of Albia, Iowa in 2003. The non-typical buck had 38 points, and scored 307&5/8.

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Q: What is the biggest whitetail deer killed?
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