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Q: What is the biggest jumbo tron in the MLB?
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Which team has the biggest-jumbo tron in the NFL?


What team has the biggest jumbo tron in the NHL?

the Montreal Canadiens

How much energy does a jumbo tron use for its lighting system?

independent variable

How tall is Jumbo Diaz?

MLB player Jumbo Diaz is 6'-04''.

What MLB team does Jumbo Diaz play for?

Jumbo Diaz plays for the Cincinnati Reds.

How much did the Jumbo Tron at the Jerry Jones Stadium cost?

60 yard

Does Jumbo Diaz bat right or left?

MLB player Jumbo Diaz bats right.

Does Jumbo Diaz throw right or left?

MLB player Jumbo Diaz throws right.

How much does Jumbo Diaz weigh?

MLB player Jumbo Diaz weighs 278 pounds.

How old is Jumbo Diaz?

As of the 2014 MLB season, Jumbo Diaz is 30 years old.

Where was Jumbo Diaz born?

MLB player Jumbo Diaz was born in La Romana, Dominican Republic.

Who is the actress in the current Jared Jewelers commercial- the one where the girl gets proposed to on the jumbo-tron at a football game?

Rachel Wood