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the biggest height battle was in boxing, haye vs valuev. valuev was 7'2, and haye was 6'7. valuev is the wba heavyweight champion.

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Who would win in a fight of a German shepherd vs a husky?

Obviously there are many factors to consider, such as the height and weight of the dogs fighting. But overful, i'd have to say the Shep, due to height/weight advantage.

Which helps more in a fight muscle or technique?

depends on the fight, weight difference and skill levels etc. But ultimately it will always be technique if your not talking about a street fight.

What is the height requirement for Light Heavy weight in the ufc?

The UFC's light heavyweight division does not have any height requirements. It only has a weight requirement. The fighters height does not matter. The only restriction is their weight. Fighters can weight a maximum of 205 pounds in order to fight in the UFC's light heavyweight division. Some fighters are very tall and cross the 6 feet mark while there are many others of average height in the 5'10 or 5'9 range.

Difference between fight and quarrel?

the difference between quarrel and fight

Which gorillas have silver backs?

Either the biggest gorillas or usually the male gorillas.If there is to male gorillas and they're the same height then they will fight and whoever wins the fight and kills the other silver back then that gorilla wins the leadership.Kayla

What is catch weight class in MMA?

Whenever two fighters, or a governing body set a fight for a for a weight class that does not exist. This is commonly used for when two fighters from different weight classes agree to fight each other. So if a fighter that weights 170 lbs fights another fighter weighing 190, they might agree to fight at a catch weight of 180 lbs to make the weight difference for each fighter less drastic.

Do Sumo wrestlers fight by their weight?

No, they actually fight by skill level. Weight is not factored into the competition.

Words ending in ight?

eight, fight, height, light, might, night, right, sight, weight, bright, plight, flight, delight, knight, blight

Who wins in a fight tiger or elephant?

personally i would say elephant but it depends on age weight height and muscle so the tiger might win too

Who would win in a fight between the biggest baddest wolf and the biggest baddest pitbull?

the wolf

What is mad gab phrase Thief Height Glub?

Thief Height Glub= The Fight Club

When was the biggest fight in AFL?

hawthorn and essendon in 2008

What weight did Chuck Norris fight?

1 lb. weight class

Words that end in ight?

light eight weight knight night slight might flight freight right sight tight bright plight bight height toninght fight

Who would win in a fight between a toothless crocodile and a blind lion?

the biggest animal will Win the fight

What is the difference between brawl and fight?

brawl is disorderly while fight not

What is bill kaulitz's biggest fear?

Bill's biggest fear is that he and Tom will get in a huge fight and will never talk again.

What is Selena's biggest fear?

her biggest fear is hi heelsBecause Demi Lovato and Selena had a big fight

What the difference about samurai and knight?

the difference they fight different way or else that you

Why is it possible for a boxer to hold the championships of two different weight classes at the same time?

A boxer does not have to select which weight class they will fight in. They may fight in any weight class as long as they weigh less than the maximum for the class the day before the fight at the weigh-in.The boxer will schedule fights in both weight classes months apart from each other. This allows the boxer to make the weight for one fight and have several months to gain or lose weight to make the weight for the other class.

What is Selena Gomez's biggest fear?

her biggest fear is hi heelsBecause Demi Lovato and Selena had a big fight

What has been the biggest fight since Vietnam?

The Global War on Terrorism

What weight class did Cassius Clay fight in at the Olympics?

light heavy weight AT 175lbs.

Why is it that a fighter has to make weight for the way in but the night of the fight the fighter ways more?

They cut weight by dehydrating themselves. Thus when they are actually ready to fight, they have rehydrated and are actually higher in weight than they were at weigh in.