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Southampton Is Officially the biggest port in England because they get over a million tons of cargo a year. They also had 6 Cruise ships in 1 day. This is a world Record. Also Southampton is the biggest transport Port. Southampton is also big as the Duchess of Cambridge named a ship there>

Dover is the biggest and busiest Ferry Port in England.

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Q: What is the biggest commercial boat port in England?
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What is the biggest passenger port in england?

The Port of Felixstowe is the busiest port in England, the 6th busiest in Europe and the 35th busiest in the world.

What has the author C F England written?

C. F. England has written: 'The commercial Port of Bristol'

What is the biggest port in Texas?

The biggest port in Texas is the Port of Houston

What is the port quarter of a boat?

the quarter on the port stern side of the boat.

What is port side on a boat?

Port side refers to the left side of a boat.

What is the biggest port under the Mughals?

Surat is the biggest port of Mughals.

What is it called when a boat leaves port?

When a ship, not a boat, leaves port it "sets sail."

What is it called when a boat leans to the side?

It is called listing when a boat leans. If the boat leans to port (left) then it is listing to port.

Where is port on a boat?

On the left-hand side of the boat

The port is left of the boat where are the other parts located?

Port refers to a direction. Port is left, and starboard is right. These aren't parts of the boat.

What side of a boat is port side?

The port side of a boat is the left side, the starboard is to the right.left side

What is the port of a boat?

"Port" is the left side of the boat while facing forward. "Starboard" is the right side of the boat while facing forward. The port is the left side of the boat when standing on the boat and facing the bow (the front of the boat). It is indicated with a red navigation light at night or during heavy fog. It is called the port because it is the side where the cargo is loaded onto the ship while at the port before sailing off. Port is the left side of the boat when facing forward. Left and port have the same number of letters is how I was taught to remember it.