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Cheerleading is a big idea! Cheerleading is HARD work, you dont even know! its not just looking pretty and cute in short skirts and belly tops. It's cheering your team on.

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โˆ™ 2008-03-16 19:17:59
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Q: What is the big idea of cheerleading?
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What is a science fair project that has to do with cheerleading?

it's possible find things about cheerleading that are scientific and research that but use cheerleading as your main idea

How long is a cheerleading stadium?

a cheerleading stadium is very big as it has lots of bleachers!

Is cheerleading a fomous sport?

Cheerleading is a famous sport because of its difficulty and skills needed to do it. Cheerleading is also BIG in American high school ! Hope this helps xx

Who was the founder of cheerleading?

Thomas Peebles introduce the idea of organized cheerleading, but it did not become "official"until Johnny Cambell started it in 1898 at the University of Minnosota.

Where are the tryouts for the 2012 Olympics?

There are none?? Cheerleading will not be in the 2012 olympics. Who gave you the idea that they were.

What is the end of a cheerleading routine?

something big and the cherry on top of the sunday!

Why is cheerleading big in America?

Cheerleading is big in America because it is a form of entertainment. Cheerleaders do chants and stunts to get the crowd hyped. A lot of people enjoy looking at cheerleaders in their cute little outfits too.

Is cheerleading a good idea?

I am a cheeleader and I am 13 years old. I think cheerleading may be the best idea I ever had. It depends on what position you want to be. I am a base, and I've gotten way stronger in 1 year. If you are very strong, be the third. If you have awesome facials and like to be thrown in the air, be a top. Cheerleading is lots of fun and has dance in it too. I say, go for it!

Is cheerleading one word or two?

Cheerleading, one word.

How do you say she does cheerleading in Spanish?

ella hace cheerleading that means she does cheerleading in spanish

When was Big Idea Entertainment created?

Big Idea Entertainment was created in 1993.

Is there cheerleading in Australia?

There is very little cheerleading at schools but there is cheerleading at professional sport games

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