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I think that gym is better than swimming in sometimes ..

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โˆ™ 2011-12-25 11:18:17
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Q: What is the better work out swimming or gym sessions?
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Is it better to shower at a gym or at home?

That's a personal choice. However, it's best to shower at the gym if you go swimming.

Is gym is better too lose weight or games like football?

the gym is better because you do the work out you need to play football

Why should swimming be a unit in gym?

It uses muscles

Swimming classes in gym class?

only in some schools...

Which is harder swiming or cheerleading?

Swimming and Cheerleading are two totally different things. Both take a lot of hard work and determination, but in different areas. With swimming you have to learn to work your muscles in the water and with cheer you have to be able to move your muscles on the hard gym floor and on the track!!

Is gym better then math?

yes gym is better then maht because in gym you run and in math u sit in a desk

What is a sentence for eclair?

I ate an eclair this morning, so i'd better work it off at the gym later.

Do any gym bags also work as a backpack?

Not many gym bags work as backpacks, but many backpacks work as gym bags.

Who is better azarian gym max or wildfire?

Gym max

What services are offered by Ultimate Fitness?

Ultimate Fitness offers a range of services to help someone become fitter. These include gym sessions, fitness bootcamps and personal training sessions.

Do you know where I can really workout and get a beach body?

At a gym. You can get a work out going at a gym, because that is what they are there for, a gym is used to get into shape and work out for sure. Try a gym.

What types of place can you go to exercise?

swimming baths,gym,places like that

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