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It should be just running long distance every day. I would recommend it

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Q: What is the best workout for half- marathon?
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What is the best workout routine for preparing for a marathon?

The best workout routine for preparing for a marathon are at the following sites online , and this site .

Where can I do half marathon training?

Consult with a personal trainer to find out how best to train for a half marathon. Also you can visit your local gym to learn about training for marathon running.

How many miles are in half a marathon?

There are 26.2 miles in a full marathon, thus there are 13.1 miles in a half marathon. No odd calculations... a half marathon is a half marathon.

Is there a half marathon?

Yes, there is a half marathon. A half marathon is about 13.1 miles long, half the distance of a full marathon, 26.2 miles. 

How early should I start a half marathon training schedule before the race?

You should start training for a half marathon as early as possible. You will then be in the best shape, and you will be able to run to the best of your ability.

When was Lille Half Marathon created?

Lille Half Marathon was created in 1986.

How many miles is a hAlf marathon'?

A half-marathon is 13.1 miles long.

How many feet in a half marathon?

36'ooo foot in half a marathon

When was Egmond Half Marathon created?

Egmond Half Marathon was created in 1973.

When was Portugal Half Marathon created?

Portugal Half Marathon was created in 2000.

When was Budapest Half Marathon created?

Budapest Half Marathon was created in 1984.

When was Lisbon Half Marathon created?

Lisbon Half Marathon was created in 1991.