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A wheel and axle is a lever that rotates in a circle around a center point of fulcrum.The larger wheel (or outside) rotates around the smaller wheel (axle).Bicycle wheels,ferris wheels and gears are all examples of a wheel and axle.Wheels can also have a solid shaft with the center core as the axle such as screwdriver or drill bit or the log in a log rolling contest.

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Q: What is the best wheel to axle ratio with the best distance?
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Which example best describes using a wheel and axle?

Turning a screwdriver.

How does axel ratio effect gas milage?

The axle ratio determines how many revolutions the engine must turn in order to turn the wheel one revolution. Lets say you have an axle ratio of 4:11 to 1 on a 4 speed transmission. That means the engine will turn 4:11 time every time the wheel rotates 1 time in 4th gear. Now you change the axle ratio to 3:25 to 1. Now the engine turns 3:25 revolutions to rotate the wheel 1 revolution. It is easy to see that the vehicle with the 3:25 ratio will get better fuel mileage. However it will have less pulling power and be slower at takeoff. Axle ratio is calculated to be the best compromise of power and mileage. The weight of the vehicle, engine power, and what the vehicle is used for is the determining factor as to the final drive ratio. This is a simplistic explantation and it is far more complicated than this when determining what ratio to use in what vehicle.

What is the Best way to tow a front wheel drive car?

front cause the tranny drive the steer axle

Who invented the wheel and axle?

Best archaeological evidence points to Mesopotamia, sometime during the 33rd. century B.C.Invention of the Wheel and AxleThe oldest known records of the first wheel are in Mesopotamia, ancient Iraq.

How can I make my 350 Chevy go faster than Ninety before the rev limiter hits 5200 rpm?

Best thing to do, is change the gear ratio in the axle. Depending on what gear ratio you have now, go to a lower numerical axle ratio. For instance, if you have a 3.73 gear ratio now, try using a 3.55, or 3.23. You will be going faster, before the engine hits the chip.

How do you replace a drive shaft in a 1991 Honda accord?

loosen the axle nut loosen the lug nuts raise the front remove the wheels drain the trans fluid release the ball joint nut, but don't remove it strike the lower control arm perpendicular to the ball joint stud to release it pull the wheel assembly far enough out from the car to clear the axle using a pry bar, remove the stub axle from the transmission install the new axle into the transmission insert the axle into the wheel assembly assemble the ball joint tighten the axle nut best you can replace the wheel drop the car tighten the lug nuts tighten the axle nut hammer the flange of the nut into the groove of the axle replace the wheel center cap refill with trans fluid check for leaks or loose parts

Does it matter how long string on the wheel of the mousetrap car?

When the trap is fully closed, its best it the string is no longer touching axle to prevent back-wind.

Estimated miles per gallon on a Chevrolet s10 4.3 v6?

best ratio with that type model and type block would be best set speed at 72 to 74 mph and that way you get the best ratio for your gas. 2 wheel or 4 drive and the differential gear ratio makes a difference, but it could get anywhere between 15 and 19 mpg.

What is the best axle you can put on a truck?

a Dana 60

What is the best gear ratio for a bicycle climbing a hill?

It really depends on the incline of the hill, but the first is the number of teeth in the smallest chaining (front gears).The second is the number of teeth on the largest sprocket of the cassette (back gears ).You then divide one by the other to get the gear ratio A gear ratio of 1 means that when you turn the pedals one revolution the wheel will rotate once. A gear ratio of 2 means that for every half turn of the pedals the wheel will rotate once.The lower the gear ratio , the easier it is to climb the hill

What is the best way to balance a motorcycle tire?

Hang the wheel parallel to the floor via a rope through the axle hole. Then add weight to the high side of the wheel until it is perfectly parallel to the floor. Stick on lead weights work great for this. Simple, cheap, easy and effective.

What is the best way to remove a front wheel bearing driver's side of a Toyota Rav all wheel drive without using a specialized tool?

a wrenchn with a short handle because he will not have to move it through a long distance

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