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work hard!!!!!!!!

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Q: What is the best way to work on your shooting form in basketball?
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How can you make your shooting form better in basketball?

work on it and shoot close then work your way back

What are some tips for improving your basketball skills?

watch basketball on your tv. do some easy drills. get ahoop and shoot.

How do I practice for basketball tryouts?

work on endurance shooting, and try playing with some friends to practice

How does basketball keep you fit?

the running will work your legs,shooting will test your angle,and reflexes with keep you aware

What encourages Gene to consider enlisting to the army?

Basketball keeps you in shape by shooting. When you shoot it work out your legs and arms.

How do you increase your basketball shooting range?

you work out your arms which are biceps, triceps, and your legs and if you keep practicing shooting from three point range you will become a better three point shooter.

How can you be a alaround better basketball player?

Just work on doing everything. Focus on shooting, defense and good off-ball movement.

Where can i get a job that can work around my basketball schedule?

A fast food or other restaurant is probably the best place to get a job that can work around your basketball schedule.

Work environment for a basketball player?

where do a basketball player work

How does basketball work?

You actually can't work a basketball, you can only dribble it!!!

What are some differences between basketball and softball?

Basketball - requires much training, arm work, leg work, tons and tons of conditioning. Shooting, passing, rebounding, dribbling, ball-handles, footwork drills.. Softball - just like baseball, but usually played by girls...they pitch differently, but they do most of the same training stuff basketball does.

Where do basketball players work?

They play basketball in a basketball court for your information.

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