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A bow sight is adjusted by moving the pin in the direction of arrow impact. If the arrow is high of the spot, move the pin up. If the arrow is hitting left of spot, move pin left. etc. Just rember dont move the sight for the first few arrows, it might just be tou torquing the bow and not the sight.

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Q: What is the best way to sight in a compound bow?
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The best and safest way to put a string on a bow is to use the?

bow stringer

How do you restring a compound bow?

To re-string a compound bow, you must first get the bow limbs to bend. The easiest way (and the safest) is to place the bow, with the string above the bow (it will look like a smile) in what is called a "bow press". Once the bow is in the press, it is pushed down to bend the limbs ("compressed"), causing the string to go slack; the string is now removed from the cams and the new string is installed. De-compress the bow and remove it from the press.The bow press can be somewhat expensive to purchase, so it may be best to take the bow to an archery shop and have the string replaced there. Due to the amount of pressure required to bend the bow's limbs, as well as the need to keep them bent while changing the string, attempting to restring a compound bow without the proper equipment is definitely not recommended.

How do you adjust a Pearson renegade bow?

A Pearson Renegade compound bow may be adjusted by tightening the limb bolts. These bolts will help adjust the weight of the bow. The bolts are hexagonal and need to be rotated in the same manner - the top and bottom. The best way to adjust the bow is to take it to a shop that specializes in archery so they can properly adjust the weight.

You bought a used bow the draw length is 30 but you are a 27 can the bow be adjusted for 27?

If it is a compound bow, the type of bow with the pulleys or "wheels" at the ends of the bowlimbs, there should be some way to adjust the draw-length of the bow itself; it may be best to consult someone at an archery shop for the best way to make such an adjustment. When using a Traditional bow -- a recurve or longbow, or other non-compound type -- the only "adjustment" is to simply pull the string back (in this case) to 27 inches; reducing the draw-length in this way also reduces the effective draw-weight of the bow. Also, when using a Traditional bow, and the archer has a longer draw-length than the bow is rated for (i.e., the archer's draw-length is 30 inches, but the bow is rated at 27 inches), it is always advisable to make sure the bow is designed to withstand the longer draw-length. Failure to do so can result in the catastrophic failure of the bow, and possibly serious injury to the archer. Increasing the draw-length of a traditional bow will also increase the effective draw-weight of the bow.

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Is there a primitive crossbow sight available and what is the price My crossbow is a HORTON HUNTER. THANK YOU?

Yes, it's called a sight pin system. I have one from a Barnett that should fit it. They are pretty simple and work in principle the same way a peep sight & sight pin combo work for a compound bow. Send me your email address and I'll send you a photo or two so you'll know what it looks like. I'll sell you mine at a fair price if you're interested. Here's my email.

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