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== == == == To be honest with you, there is no "best" way to shoot the Basketball. There are ways that are better than others, but there is no best way. Everyone starts out with some sort of shot with their own special stroke. If that way works for you and you don't get blocked very easily or often, than that way is the right way to you. The good techniques of every shot contain a good arc, a follow through, and good elevation.

The best way to shoot a basketball is to make an L with what ever arm you shoot with. When you are about to shoot the basketball, put the ball right at the corner or right at the front of your head. Next bend your knees and target the goul, then jump. Right when you stop in the air and you are about to come down you release the ball.

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Q: What is the best way to shoot a basketball?
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What is the form way to shoot a basketball?

the best way to shoot a basketball is to keep your knees bent and elbows in

What is the best way to shoot a basketball through history?

There is a book called 'Basketball for Dummies' that will have all the answers to your questions.

How do you shoot a left handed free throw in basketball?

The same way you shoot a right handed basketball...

Why does it matter the way you shoot a basketball?

If you shoot it wrong you will probably miss

Where is the best angle to shoot a basketball from?

From the top of the key.

How do you get the best backspin when you shoot a basketball?

Flick your Wrist

Why do we shoot the basketball like that?

Because it's the best way to get it up into the hoop... and if you shoot a granny shot, you're more likely to use more energy than shooting it.= And you're bringing the ball down lower than you need to. I play basketball and I know that shooting it the way we do is just.. well... it's been like that for as long as anyone can remember.=

Did basketball players back then shoot granny style?

Yes when basketball was just invented players used the " granny shot" method to shoot threes, post shots, and free throws. We dont know why but they just thought thats the way to shoot.

What is Kobe best known for in basketball?

his creative moves and ability to shoot over superstars.

How do you get in NCAA basketball?

You have to have good grades and you have to go to school and you have to have a good jump shoot and good score and good defence and best or can play in basketball.

How To Shoot a basketball?

To shoot a basketball you have to bend your knees and push up with your right hand and jump.

What does it mean when a guy says he can teach you to shoot?

it usually just means he wants to help you shoot a basketball, or shoot a gun. Hopefully its the basketball.

Does the way you shoot the basketball affect your chances of making the shot make the shot?

no unless suck

How can you make your shooting form better in basketball?

work on it and shoot close then work your way back

What is the best form to shoot a basketball if your are 11 and you can't shoot straight from your head from three point because you're not old or strong enough?

if ur 11 and cant shoot over ur head then basketball is just not ur thing but u can always try to throw underhand

What is done with a basketball?

With a basketball you can shoot, dribble, and pass.

What is shooting - basketball?

Shooting in basketball is when you try to shoot the ball into the basket.

What is the place where people shoot a basketball?

a Basketball Court.

Who is the best basketball player in wilmington Delaware?

Charles Spencer. he is by far the greatest player that will be playin high school basketball for the 2009-2010 season. i think wit a combo of him nd boo boo ai has a shoot of goin all the way to the bob for sure.

How fast can you shoot a basketball?

Let me get this straight, the speed of the basketball shot isn't countable. You can shoot it as fast and slow as you want.

What arc is in basketball?

The arc in basketball is when you shoot the ball into the hoop. When you shoot it should be an arc shape. When it's an arc shape there is a higher chance of the basketball to go in the hoop.

When do you need explosive strength in basketball?

When you jump to shoot the basketball.

What is the best way to get better at basketball?


What are the daily tasks of an NBA player?

love the basketball...protect the basketball...shoot the basketball

Why does your basketball goal rattle?

Sometimes the rim isn't tighten all the way which usually causes your shoot to go in and out.