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keep the ball up time them out and look for a gap

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Q: What is the best way to score points in volleyball?
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What is the best way to win in basketball?

Score more points.

What is the meaning of score sheet in volleyball?

Its the official way to keep score

How long is a volleyball match?

it lasts until one team score 15 or 21 points depending on which way you want to play

Ways to score points in a volleyball game?

To score Points in volleyball!! 1. The ball lands on the other teams side after you hit it over. 2. or it lands on the other teams side after they miss the ball when it is on the side while it is in play. 3. Another way to score points in volleyball is when the other team is at fault whether it is hitting the net, on the net, over the net, to over when serving, under the net, more than 3 hits

What is the best way to hit a volleyball?


What volleyball skill should be utilized when the volleyball is played below the shoulders?

You should pass (bump) the volleyball when it is below your shoulders. You will get the best contact with the volleyball this way.

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Can that receiving score a point in a volley ball game?

yes if it is rally scoring which is the most common way of scoring in volleyball

What is the best way to get in shape to play on a volleyball team?

Do sprints, agility exercises, core/ab workouts, practicing volleyball skills

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What is side out scoring?

Side out scoring in volleyball means that points are only scored by the team serving the ball. This is the old way team volleyball was played. However, rules were changed to speed up play.

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What is the best way to hit the volleyball so that it wont hurt your arm or your hand?

Hit it with your head.

How is volleyball scored?

There are two ways in which volleyball scored. The first way is a game up to 15, where you only receive a point when you score it when your team has the serve. You must first win the serve, and then if you score again, you win a point. If you lose that point, the other team wins the serve back and can now score a point. The more accepted way is called rally score. Every time the ball hits the floor the team that wins the point is awarded the point. the game is up to 25 and you must win by 2.

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Sudden death is used as a way to determine a winner if the score is tied after the typical sixty minute game. The first team to score points in any way is the winner.

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