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keep the ball up time them out and look for a gap

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Q: What is the best way to score points in volleyball?
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Can the receive team score points?

yes if it is rally scoring which is the most common way of scoring in volleyball

What is the best way to win in basketball?

Score more points.

Whats the longest volleyball game?

it lasts until one team score 15 or 21 points depending on which way you want to play

Candy bar named after game points?

The total points in a game is the score. The candy bar that stands for the total points in a game is the Skor bar. Though it is spelled differently, it is pronounced the same way as the candy bar.

How do you win points in volleyball?

A volleyball game is ended when the needed number of points is achieved. (Typically 25,25,15) In tournament regulations, a third game is not played if the first two are won. I hope this helps(:

What are 4 way to score points in wrestling?


What is the scoring system in volleyball called?

It depends on what level you are playing at. I play on my high school team and we use rally score. We go up to 25 points and you have to be at least two points ahead to win the game. For example if the score was 25-24 the game would not be over the winning team would have to get one more point to win the game. Rally scoring is when you win the volley [the ball hits the floor on the other teams side or out on your side etc.] you get a point whether or not your team served the ball. In 8th grade we used the original scoring way. We only went to 15 points then but you still had to win by two points. The original scoring is when you have to serve the ball and win the volley in order to get a point.

What is the best way to get in shape to play on a volleyball team?

Do sprints, agility exercises, core/ab workouts, practicing volleyball skills

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What is lineup sheet in volleyball?

A lineup sheet is where the coach writes down the numbers of the starting players. The coach hands the lineup sheet to the skorekeeper and they will record it on the score sheet.

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