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Not heavy lifting. The best way is with light weight and lots of reps. This increases the fast twitch fibers in your muscles used in quick explosive movements rather that slow twitch fibers which are used in heavy brute lifting. Also, isometric, the best is long toss. Hope this helps.

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Softball drills usually help on accuracy and consistency. One drill that may help with throwing strength would be long throw drills especially for midfielders. If you really want to increase in throwing strength add weight training to your training program and make sure to follow a progressive plan and train for power after you have gained muscular strength.

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Work on your arms I guess, curl dumbbells, pushups should help too

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Q: What is the best way to improve throwing strength for baseball?
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What are the best baseball workout programs?

The best baseball workout would be the just throwing the ball and going to get it. This will help you in your legs and arms.

What is the best exercise to increase your vertical jump?

Calf raisers and leg press. You want to improve strength in your calves, hamstrings and quads.

How does having players from different ethnic backgrounds improve the game of baseball?

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How can you improve the strength of a muscle?

Strength is gained by working out. As you strain the muscle, tiny tears are formed and when they repair themselves, they grow bigger and stronger. For size and strength of muscle, such as for football, high weight and low repetition is best. For toning and endurance, such as for runners, low weight and high repetition is best.

What is the best information of baseball what is the best KIND of information of baseball?

Few tips for Playing Excellence Baseball: * Produce consistent power and control using proven baseball skills * Create muscle memory with established practice routines * Think and act like a player or coach * Strength * Coordination * Proper Balance * Confidence level should be high * Vision * Rhythm * Body ControlBaseball is a Simple game, A few simple flexibility and muscles exercises and techniques can change your whole Baseball game. You should have to focus on developing and improving the few key factors performance:* Learning proper throwing skills * Developing and increasing throwing velocity and arm strength * Fielding the situation * Run speedily with the ball * Concentration is a Key success * Continuous muscles exercise * Cycling should be an important part of your daily exercise strategy

What needs to be strong when throwing a javelin?

A lot of core strength contributes greatly in throwing, so ab work outs are always good. Lifting weights is a good thing too. You don't have to lift heavy though. Even light weights build muscle. Keep in mind that muscle isn't everything in throwing events. Although arm strength is good to have, technique is the best thing to worry about. Your form is what sends your implement further than muscle does.

Why do you stretch a lot?

Stretching helps to improve muscle strength. Tight muscles during exercise can actually cause problems. It is best to stretch before and after a workout.

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What are the best exercises to train for baseball?

Baseball players need quad, glute, core, shoulder, and forearm strength the most so things such as squats, deadlifts, pushups, wallsits, crunches, planks, and thing like that are the best exercises you can do to train for baseball.

Are there exercises meant for improving osteoporosis symptoms?

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