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I personally strap them to the roof of my car but ensure they are in a waterproof bag or tube to prevent them form getting wet and/or damaged.

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Q: What is the best way to carry pole vault poles on your car?
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What is a pole vault pole made out of?

Pole Vault Poles used to made out of materials such as wood, metal and bamboo. Pole Vault Poles are now made out of bendable materials such as Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber

Can girls do pole vault?

Girls can pole vault. There are smaller poles for novice girls but as they progress girls can use even 14 feet poles.

Do vaulting poles break?

Yes pole vault poles do break. They can be spiked which takes away there structural integrity or be overloaded by the vaulter if the pole is too small. The poles will then break.

What sport uses poles as part of the basic equipment?

Pole Vault

Explain how the sport of pole vaulting dramatically changed when flexible fiberglass poles replaced stiff wooden poles?

Most pole vault poles are fiberglass, yes. Some can be made of carbon fiber, which allows them to bend differently.

What was Jenner's best event?

Pole vault

In pole vault what do you jump over?

There is an adjustable pole that is suspended horizontally between two upright poles. The horizontal pole rests on pegs so that if the vaulter hits the pole it will fall off.

Where does Santa keep his track and field trophies?

in the pole vault

Where do high jumpers store their valuables?

In a pole vault

Is pole vault a throwing sport?

Yes they do! They own their own poles so they have to ship them to the Olympic stadium.

What is the Olympic pole vault made out of?

In "olden" days, poles might have been made out of aluminum, which is pretty much the same material as the bar that vaulters try to vault over. However, nowadays vaulters use poles made of fiber-glass, which is much lighter and more flexible. Pole lengths may vary, but the minimum is usually (unofficially) around 12ft. and the max depends on the height you are attempting to vault over.

Do pole vaulters have to supply their own pole vault?

I believe they supply them themselves and can have up to around 3 poles each.