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fiberglass by far!! i would recommend a zap, a Victoria, or a exile brand skimboard

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โˆ™ 2011-09-14 08:33:40
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Q: What is the best type of skimboard?
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I weigh 140lbs what size skimboard should I buy?

For a zap skimboard a largeFor a exile small-mediumIt really depends what type of skimboard and what you want to do with it.

What is on the bottom of a skimboard?

most of the time there is no design on the bottom of a skimboard

What is the difference in looks between glossy and textured skimboard?

A glossy skimboard will, obviously, be very smooth and very shiny. A skimboard with a textured finish will be relatively dull in color and you will be able to see and feel the weave of the fabric.

What is the best music to skimboard too?

you have to have head strong playing and you will through some big ship rock on my man

Where is the best place to skimboard?

Skimboarding has its origins in southern California -- specifically, Laguna Beach -- which is thought by many to have the best conditions for skimboarding. However, the biggest waves are in Cabo San Lucas, and people skimboard all over the world. Flatland skimboarding can be done anywhere there's water, even puddles.

Can you put surf wax on a skimboard?

Yes you can.

What side of a skimboard does wax go on?

TOP... lol

Where could one purchase a skimboard in the city of Denver?

One may purchase a skimboard in the city of Denver or anywhere for that matter online. There are several different sites such as skimcity, pronto or NexTag.

Advantage of using plastic on a skimboard?

they dont make plastic skimboards but i think ur talkin about a fiberglass skimboard. advantages of a fiberglass skimboards are 1.)they go faster 2.)there easier to do tricks on and 3.) its easier to ride

What is the best flatland skimboard?

Asking which flatland skimboard is the best is kind of like asking which car manufacturer is the best. Ask five different people and get five different answers. But there is definitely a group of board manufacturers that have risen above the rest. A few good brands are DB, Victoria, J-Gordon, and Kayotic. For more information on flatland skimboards and interviews with the main board manufacturers, check out Happy board hunting!!!

How long is a skimboard?

as long as the stick like thing hanging above my croch

How do you wax a skimboard?

get the wax and rub it on the board while its dry. the more wax, the better.

Can you still ride a warped skimboard? is too flat and you will catch an edge in the water and fall.

How big should your skimboard be if you are 5 foot?

Your skim board should be around stomach height.

Is there anywhere to skimboard in Minneapolis?

Turtle Lake beach in Shoreview MN (Saint Paul suburbs)

Different Types of skimboard?

sol exile zap Victoria and slotstick are diffrent types of skimboarding companies

What is a skimboard tailpad?

The tailpad is a piece of rubber that goes on the back of surfboards or skimboards to help the surfer gain traction to the board.

What way do arch bars face on your skim board?

the top faces the nose of your skimboard and the bottom faces your traction pad

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Can you surf with a skimboard?

yeah you can but it is very hard to do ! you will have to thrust out to the waves. most people who do this go to beaches with the waves very close to the shore

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The best type of insulation is glass.

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