What is the best type of paint-ball gun to buy?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Hey I'm the person that asked this question but I want to know what paintball gun is right for me

-I have been playing for about a year now and I'm 12

-I play woods-ball and hyper-ball and air-ball

-I like semi-auto guns with great accuracy and it should shoot far

-I don't need to heavy of a gun (no heavier than 6 pounds) and I don't need a sniper or a pistol paintball gun

-I play in the MID 75% - I play BACK 15% of the time - and FRONT 10% of the time

Thanks if the gun fits those description then post the gun

Unless you give a general price you're willing to pay it is very hard to select a marker for you. Also did you mean you prefer semi auto, or do not want electronics at all?

But for starters:

it is worth spending more money for a better gun not a huge amount of money but they are way more durable and higher quality. tippmann 98 custom easy to upgrade accurate fun.


The best gun here is :

The tippmann A5- It is internally a 98 but also has a nicer body and a cyclone feed.

Other things relating to :

it is very hard to play speed ball with semi auto mechanical markers.

All guns shoot basically the same distance, if you want range, buy an apex or flatline barrel.

All guns accuracy depend on the paint to barrel match, which means any gun will be more accurate with better quality paint and barrel, usually not found in stock barrels.

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First Step: Look at the name on the gun. If you still can't figure out what type of gun it is, move on to step 2

2nd step: feel the trigger pull. If its really strong, then you have a mechanical gun. If its really light and you hear a little click at the end, your gun is electronic. If this fails, go back to the place where you bought the gun and just have them tell you what the hell it is

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Depends on the gun.

Mech: When the trigger is pulled, a sear is tripped which causes the striker to be released (by a series of springs) and hit the valve pin open if for airflow. This also pushes the ball past its detention systems, fires and re-cocks it.


Poppet valve guns work by a solenoid pushing a "rammer" against a valve that when struck releases air, that passed through the bolt and fires the ball.

Spool valve works by channeling air through a solenoid and pushing a bolt back and forth.

Refer to for some great diagrams.

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Speed ball typed cause they are light and can be used for both

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Tippmann is the standard gun for starters. while other brands offer beginner to pro models. The brand is not as important as the specific gun.

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4 planet eclipse ego's

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Q: What is the best type of paint-ball gun to buy?
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11 to play at fields, 18 to buy a paintball gun.

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How old do you have to be to buy a paintball gun in Norway?


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It depends completely on the type of game, where its played, when its played, and what you need to do with it.

In the experiment that tested which type of paintball gun shot paintballs furthest what was the independent variable?

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Which retailer has the best deal on paintball gun packages?

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