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Probably from late October to March, but it's very hard to predict the weather.

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Q: What is the best time of the year to go skiing in west Virginia?
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Does Michigan or West Virginia have the best snow skiing?

Neither state is notes for good skiing. Small amounts of vertical combined small amounts of natural snow result in poor skiing conditions

What was the status of West Virginia in 1819?

West Virginia was not a state at the time. It was a part of Virginia.

Were Virginia and West Virginia the same state in the time of the 13 colonies?

West Virginia was a part of the Virginia colony.

What timezone is West Virginia in?

West Virginia is Eastern Standard Time (EST).

The new state was called West Virginia why did they name it West Virginia?

because it's west of Virginia and it was a part of Virginia a long time ago

What is the time difference between Utah and West Virginia?

West Virginia is in the Eastern Time Zone. Utah is in the Mountain Time Zone. Utah is 2 hours earlier than West Virginia.

What is the time now in West Virginia?

West Virginia is in the Eastern Standard Time zone (EST), and has the same time as New York City.

Who was the governor of West Virginia in 1716?

West Virginia wasn't a state at the time, so it did not have a governor.

What time zone is West Virgina located?

West Virginia is in the Eastern Time Zone.

What is the time difference between Portage Michigan and Fayetteville West Virginia?

None. Michigan & West Virginia are both in the Eastern Time Zone.

Is West Virginia relatively south of Virginia?

West Virginia is bordered by Virginia to the southeast.

Who declared West Virginia a state?

Abraham Lincoln was the president at the time and signed the bill to form West Virginia.

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