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Q: What is the best team in race driver grid?
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Which team does Formula 1 driver Paul di resta race for?

Paul Di Resta is currently driving for the Force India race team

What F1 driver hears from his earphones during the race to they listen a music or will be there tottaly silence during the race?

No the headphones are only for communication between the driver and team.

How many drivers of a Nascar team drive in the same race?

Depends on how many cars the team has, but one driver per team.

Where can I learn how to become a race car driver?

To become a race car driver, first you need to figure out what type of race car driving you would like to pursue. Then you need to get experience and start working as a part of a race car team.

Which drivers are in Williams f1 team?

The Drivers for the Williams F1 team in the year 2010 were: Race Drivers: Rubens Barrichello and Nico Hulkenberg Test Driver: Valtteri Bottas The Drivers for the Williams F1 team for this year 2011 are: Race Driver: Rubens Barrichello and Pastor Maldonado Test Driver: Valtteri Bottas

On race driver grid is your teammates money taken from your winnings?

No, They get their percentage of what they actually won in the race. Say you got first, and they got second overall. 2nd is worth 2,000,000. They get a percentage of the 2 mil, and you get everything else. Thus you get all, their sponsor money, team win, etc. So, there is no reason not to get a good team mate, I played most of the game with a poor one, but there is no real reason for it, as you have nothing to lose.

How do you sign up to be a driver in the Nascar Nationwide Series?

Well you first have to be with a team. After the team will do the rest,Now if it is your own team then you just need to apply for the entry at the race track they have signup sheets up 5 days before the race

Can a driver be changed during an formula one race?

No. A Driver for a team/car cannot be changed during a formula one race. As per the guidelines of the F1 Administration a driver to a team's car cannot be changed during a f1 racing event. Teams can change their drivers anytime they want during a season as long as the same driver drives during practice, qualifying and races over a single weekend.

Which driver are in the Williams formula 1 team?

The Williams Toyota Team has a total of 3 drivers. 2 race drivers and 1 test driver. Kazuki Nakajima of Japan and Nico Rosberg of Germany are the 2 race drivers for the team. Nicolas Hulkenberg of Germany is the test driver for the team.

How many drivers take part in one Formula 1 race?

There can be only one driver in pole position in any given race. Pole position refers to the first place starting position in the starting grid of a formula one race. Since there can be only one driver starting in first place, there can be only driver in pole position as well.

Which word beginning with the letter R is a team race?

Rowing is a team race. The boat contains a team that must work together to win the race for the entire team.

How does rocket race in halo reach work?

well, in rocket race, theres 2 people in a team, one is the driver and one is the one with the rocket launcher who shoots everyone. the aim of the game is to get the most captures.