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stick wax are not very difficult to get

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Q: What is the best subsitute for stick wax?
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Will resin stick to wax paper?

Most resins do not stick to wax paper

What is a good substitute for chap stick?

vaseline is a very good subsitute for chap stick but it makes your lips very shiny:)

How were candles made in 1356?

with wax and a stick

Does Ovechkin wax his stick?


How do you make hockey stick wax?

The same way people make candle wax. Hockey wax and candle wax are the same thing. And if you are thinking about using stick wax do it. You will see a big different in your puck control

Why is it that wax paper does not get wet when you sprinkle water on it?

Water doesn't stick to wax because there is no adhesion meaning the molecules don't stick to the wax, but they stick to each other, also known as hydrogen bonding. This causes the water to bead up and take up the least surface space it can. They are attracted to groups on a hydrophilic surface (water-loving) such as glass.

What is in chap stick?

Wax, softeners and fragrance.

How do you make a candle stick?

by using wax!!

How do you make melted caramel not stick to wax paper?

Coat wax paper lightly with sugar

Burt's bee's wax for ear cleaning?

It is best to use an ear candle for ear cleaning. Burt's beeswax is not for ear cleaning. It is best not to stick things in your ears.

Can candle wax wax your snowboard?

Candle wax isn't the same as board wax. Candle wax can make your board stick to the snow, so just spend the extra couple bucks and buy snowboarding wax.

What are the different ways to care for the ears?

Answer The simplest is the best. A wash cloth to the inside of the ear and the behind the ear. Remember the old public service announcement: (" don't stick anything in your ear smaller than your elbow"). You should not stick QTips in to remove wax. Especially on children. Wax is there for a purpose.