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The Kentucky Wildcats men's Basketball team.

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Kentucky does not have a professional sports team.

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No, Kentucky doesn't have a professional sports team.

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Q: What is the best sports team in Kentucky?
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What is Kentucky's sports team?

the Kentucky wildcats

What team has the best attendance in college basketball?

Kentucky Wildcats

Which basketball ncaa team will win in 2014?

The basketballteam most likely to win next year according to sports nation, Western Kentucky University; of Kentucky

Who was the best ncaa mens basketball team ever?

Kentucky's (UK) 1996 team was by far the best team to ever play the game.

What does it mean sports team spirit?

team spirit means to do best work with team

Which college basketball team is the best in featur?

Hmm, "best in featur"? Really have no clue what that means, but I would say the University Of Kentucky Wildcats is the best team as of 2012.

What was the best sports team in 2002?

Detroit Red Wings

What does top seed in sports mean?

your he best team in your division

What are the best sports for kids to learn team spirit?

Soccer is one of the best sports for teaching team spirit. Mainly because it involves lots of activity in the players which needs to be consistently coordinated.

Softball is best describe as what type of sports?

Group team sport

Is Kentucky in the NHL?

No, Kentucky has no NHL team.

What sports team is best on club penguin?

The blue team is best because of its got a lot of publicity and the other teams are not so popular ...