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Q: What is the best sport in UK?
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Which channels have the best coverage of motor sport on UK TV?

The best television channels for viewing coverage of motor sports in the UK are Motors TV and MotorSport UK. Other TV channels include ESPN UK and 4oD.

What is UK's Famous Sport?

Football is Uk'S FAMOUS SPORT

When was UK Sport created?

UK Sport was created in 1997.

What is UK Sport's motto?

UK Sport's motto is 'The UK's high performance sports agency'.

What is the main sport in the UK?

The UK sport with the most participants is angling

What national organizations are responsible for the development of sport in the UK?

The Organisation is called "UK Sport"

What is the most popular outdoor sport in the UK?

the most popular outdoor sport in the UK is softball

Which is the best school in UK?

Albyn school is the best school in the UK because of the standards of the school, the food, the sport, the teachers and the pupils. Albyn School is one of the best sport teams ever. That's what the UK say. Albyn sets a good example to other school and all the children are very well behaved and smart because of the teachers. There are a variaty of subjects such as: music, Design and technology, bioligy, science, maths, English, history and lots more. They are a fantastic school thanks to them the UK is great.

Why football is the most popular sport in UK?

Football is not the most popular sport in the UK, surprisingly it's fishing

Do UK athletes get paid?

Yes. UK Sport

What is the sport in the UK?


What is the largest participation sport in the uk?


Why is cheer the best sport?

It isn't. The best sport is all in your opinion. You can't prove any sport is the best

Is cricket a summer or winter sport?

The cricket season in the UK is in Summer. Oversea matches can be held in other countries that are in their summer while the UK is in winter.

Is fishing populer in the uk?

Yes Very its the most popular sport in the UK :)

What is the best sport to research?

The best sport to research is Basketball

What is the best way to gain interest in sport on the sport?

the best way to gain intrest in a sport is by playing it

When is the best time to play any sport?

The best time to play a sport will depend on the sport itself.

What sport has the most participants in the UK?

There are many minority sports practiced in the regions of the UK what have no practitionars in other countrys; Caber tossing. Cheese chasing. The most popular sport int he UK is soccer but we call it football.

Most popular sport in the UK?


What is most popular sport in UK?


What is national sport of UK?


What is the biggest participation sport in the UK?


What is the most poplular sport in the UK?


What is UK national sport?