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That's Pat Green's song "I Like Texas".

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Pound the alarm

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Q: What is the best song played after a home run is hit in MLB?
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What song was played at the beginning of the 2008 mlb home run derby?

They played America the sweet.

What song played in MLB tonight commercial?

the song is "No One Sleeps When i'm Awake" by The Sound

Best home run hitter in MLB?

Babe Ruth

What is the name of the song always played at the MLB all-star game?

Moon runner- gone up in flames

This MLB franchise played the first game of the season at home 1882 through 2008?


When did nolan Ryan hit a grand slam home run?

Will Clark hit 6 MLB home runs off of Nolan Ryan. 1) April 8, 1986 - Clark's 1st career MLB home run. 2) June 28, 1987 - Clark's 15th career MLB home run. 3) August 3, 1987 - Clark's 31st career MLB home run. 4) June 24, 1988 - Clark's 64th career MLB home run. 5) August 1, 1988 - Clark's 69th career MLB home run. 6) August 11, 1988 - Clark's 70th career home run. All six home runs came while Clark played for the San Francisco Giants and Ryan played for the Houston Astros.

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Who has the best ERA for a MLB season

Has Tim Lincecaum ever hit a home run?

Not in MLB through games played on 9/12/10.

How many home runs does roy haliday have in his carer?

Through games played on May 24, 2012 Roy has not hit a home run in MLB.

Where can you get the song Dirty Girl by Sam?

is it the song from MLB slugfest loaded?

What happens after you catch a home run?

You just got a MLB Game Played ball ... Sadly the ball is not worth anything unless the home run was notable ....

Bon Jovi song played during the MLB playoff commercial?

The name of the song is: I love this town by Bon Jovi... WRONG!Bon Jovi helps prep for playoffs on TBSBand's song 'We Weren't Born to Follow' promotes October