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Q: What is the best skateboard for bowl skating?
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What is the best skateboard for street skating?

a scooter

Which is the best skateboard?

In my opinion 'Blinds' are the best for my type of skating.

What skateboard brands are best for vert skating?

Elephant brand skateboards or Dogtown skateboards.

Why did they name it a skateboard?

=they named a skateboard a skateboard cause you are simply skating on a board I think that's the answer=

When you first buy a skateboard what do you do?

start skating..

How do you know what skateboard is right for you?

it depends on your skating style.

What is the best skateboard brand for skate park skating?

any light board is good 4 vert like enjoi

What are some cool tricks to do with a skateboard?

There are many cool tricks that one could do with a skateboard while skating. One of the coolest things one can do with a skateboard is to grind rails or corners with the skateboard.

What did people do before the skateboard was invented?

The next best "sensation" of rolling along smoothly with a skateboard, was using roller skates. For years, roller skating rinks were very popular places for fun and amusement.

Is Selena Gomez better at skating or swimming?

well really she likes skatin so guessing skating on the SKATEBOARD so skatboard

Is skateboard one word?

Yes skateboard skateboarder skateboarding skater skating

How much money is a skateboard from Walmart?

Do not buy a skateboard from Walmart. They are very poor quaility, and if you are good at skating the board will break the first day you use it.

What is skateboard spike?

It has many meaning but the only one i can think of is the skateboard spike they place on benches, rails, hubbas, and ledges. this is to stop skaters from skating on the surfaces.

Are turbo skateboard are real?

Well, if for turbo skateboard you mean a skateboard that goes really fast, then the answer is yes! It all depends of the type of wheels you are using, the trucks and how loose or tight they are, the material of the skateboard, the strenght you put on your toes when impulsing and the ground where are you skating.

What is the difference between a 7.5 inch skateboard and a 7.75 inch skateboard?

a 7.5 inch board is less wide and is made for street skating because you can flip it better

How long has rob dyrdek been skating?

he got his first skateboard when he was 11 and was pro at 16

Does the ompalumpa skateboard?

yes. in jackass wee man dresses up as one and goes skating.

What are used skateboard wheels used for?

There still used for skating or you can give them to a friend for spare parts.

What is the best skateboard supplier?

the best skateboard supplier is a tight race between on deck and west49

When did he get his first skateboard Tony Hawk?

Tony Hawk got his first skateboard when he was 7 years old...since then he started skating and doing trick and all that funny stuff...

Im 18 years old and just beginning to skateboard you were wanting to know what is the best length for the skateboard?

test them out not any ones that are to little for you or to big for you but when you go to your shop stand on the deck and see which one you like best depending on if you skate vert or street you could start with a 7.5 width deck. that's the best for all around skating.

Can police take skateboard?

yep, its stupid but yes if you are skating on public property. they can give you a ticket too.

Is positive a pro skating brand?

It does not appear that Positive is a pro skating brand. Some brands of skateboard decks include Zero, Birdhouse, Blitz, Blind, Powell, and Element.

What type of trainning do you need to be a skater?

none just grab a skateboard jump on and have a good time. practice enough and you can get paid for skating, just send companies videos of you skating.

What skateboard wheels are the best for powersliding?

Bones STF's they wont get flat spots and they last forever! Ive been riding mine for over a year. Their cheap too! Happy skating!