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a reinforced one

if your that heavy you probably shouldn't skateboard

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โˆ™ 2011-09-14 08:29:55
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Q: What is the best skateboard for a 210 lb man?
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How many stones in 210 pounds?

210 pounds = 15 stone 210 lb*1 st 14 lb=15 st

How many pounds is 210 kilograms?

The correct answer is: 210 kg = 462.970 lb OR 462 lb and 15.53 oz462.970 pounds

How many 30-pound raccoons would weigh about the same as a 210-pound harp seal?

Seven 30 lb. raccoons would weigh 210 lb.

How many stones is 210 pounds?

210 lbs = 15 stone210 lb*1 st14 lb=15 stA 'stone' is 14 pounds, so divide 210 by 14 (you do the math).

How much does a square of shingles weight?

210 lb.

How much does jones-drew weigh?

210 lb

Can a 300 lb person skateboard?

Yes anyone can skateboard it doesn't matter how much you weigh, i weigh 300Ibs and I'm a good skater

How heavy is Daniel Bryan?

Daniel Bryan weighs 210 lb.

How many oz or lb does a table weight?

it wieghs 210 grams

I'm 5'11'' 210 pounds what size dirt bike is right for me?

Well, a 250. Unless if that 210 lb is fat. Then if you are fat, 125.

How tall was Josh Gibson?

Josh Gibson was 6' 1", and 210 lb.

What is bench record for a 210 lb. 16 year old in us?


How many 30 pound raccoons would weigh about as much as a 210 pound harp seal?

7 raccoons weighing 30 lb. each would equal the weight of a 210 lb. harp seal.

If a 90 lb person used a skateboard with a weight limit of 66 lb what would happen?

Being 24 lbs greater than the weight limit, the most likely result would be the skateboard being much more likely to break in the center of the deck, as this would be putting undue stress on it.

What is the average weight for a man that is six feet and four inches tall?

The healthy weight for a man that is 6ft 4 inch is between 170-210 lb or 78-98 kg. The bigger your frame (bones) the higher in the scale and vice versa

How many grams are in 210 pounds?

28.34 grams per oz. 16 oz. per lb. So, 210 lb times 16 oz = 3360 oz Then, 3360 oz times 28.34 grams = 95222.4 grams

How much should a 210 lb 31 year old man be able to bench press?

i think that he should start off with 100 lbs but in the end, he should be able to bench 200. some where near his weight.

How many kilogram equals 210 lb?

1 lbs is equal to 0.45359237 kg. So, 210 lbs is about 95 kg. accurate 95.34 kg

What is the torque for a snapper riding mower?

650 lb rear engine models will out pull 210 john deere

What is the stock horsepower and torque on a 1996 Ford Bronco 5.8?

210 h.p. and 328 lb/ft torque.

What is the ideal weight of a man?

An average man is 180-220 lb.

Can you ride your dog?

Of course you can! you are the master of the dog and have the full right to sit on it. You could even make it your taxi around the house. Remeber that you have the right, the dog does not. It is okay for a 220 lb man to sit on a 75 lb lab. But it is not okay for a 75 lb lab to sit on a 220 lb man unless the man allows it.

Is 5ft 6 inches 210 lb woman considered to be fat?

That would mean you had a BMI of 34.0 which is considered obese

Is the dosage of a drug the same for a 200 lb man and a 100 lb woman?

No, dosages depend on weight.

How big of a motorcycle do a 210 lb man need?

At least a 550cc, if not 700cc+ Sport bike (4-cyl) high revs at least 600cc V-twin you want 800cc or bigger. -MadMatt