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Donald Bradman quit Test cricket 23 years before the introduction of One Day International cricket matches in 1971.

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Q: What is the best score of Donald Bradman in ODIs?
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What was Sir Donald Bradman famous for?

Donald Bradman was a famous Australian cricketer, who narrowly missed scoring an average of 100, by four runs. Being the best batsman in the world.

Who is the 20th century's best batsman?

Sir Donald Bradman - by a long shot.

Who is best ever test player?

Donald Bradman, 99.94 Career Test Average.

Who in your opinion is the best cricketer of all time?

Sir Donald Bradman And Sachin Tendulkar are the greatest.

Who has the best average in cricket history?

Batsman having Best Average in Test Cricket History is Sir. Donald Bradman with 99.99% of average.!!!!!!!!!1

Who is the best batsman ever?

It is by a mile Sir Donald Bradman with a batting average of 99.94 in test (that is the average amount of runs he sored in a match)

Who is the number one cricketer?

In Australia, The Best Cricketeer who trained with a golf ball was Sir Donald Bradman -----=----=-----=----=-----=----=-----=----=-----=----= By austin from Civenant christian school

Is sir Donald george bradman a legend or a hero?

Sir Don Bradman is the greatest player cricket has ever seen. The best batsmen of all times, he had an average of 99.94 in tests. So naturally he is a legend. A LEGEND which everyone wants to be.

Which is best cricketer?

Sir Donald Bradman of Australia is considered to be the greatest cricketer ever, In your dreams.Michael Jenkins Is definitely one of the best, If not the best cricketer in the world. If you want to see him in action, just go the

Who is is the best cricket batter ever?

Sir Donald Bradman with 6996 run at an average of 99.94. No other batmans even comes close to his average. The next closest average is 61. It is hard to think of a sportsman in any other sport that is so much better than the next best player.

Who has the best average in test cricket?

Sir Donald Bradman has the highest career batting average in Test cricket. His batting average is 99.94

Who is best sachin or bradman?

sachin is best because in bradman's era cricket is very orthodox&scoring a century is simple becauseof the only test matches but sachin's time is fully diferrent