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The WBA is the oldest sanctioning body in boxing today, however the WBC for its iconic 'green belt' is probably considered the most prestigious belt to win. For any hardcore boxing fan, there are way too many titles in boxing these days as it is, let alone the additions of 'interim' and 'super' champions, the IBF is the only sanctioning body that recognizes only 1 world champion and doesnt deal with the alphabet title nonsense, this is why most boxing pundits see them as the most respected, the WBC in this sense are abit of a joke, having even silver titles and youth silver titles. The wbo isnt universally recognized as one of the 'big 3' however is considered a world title as such. So to answer your question i would say IBF-WBC-WBA-WBO.

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Just the important ones:

WBA - World Boxing Association

WBC - World Boxing Council

WBO - World Boxing Organization

IBF - International Boxing Federation

Not a sanctioning body but "The ring magazine" is the most prestigious one as far as rankings goes.

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Q: What is the best sanctioning body in boxing?
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Is there an sanctioning body in boxing named IBO?

Yes, it's called the "International Boxing Organization"

Can a boxer refuse to defend his title after winning it?

yes the boxer can dropped the title that he has won and thus does not have to pay the sanctioning fee if he wished to fight for another title. The title then become vacant and is then contested between the number one and two contenders in the rankings for that sanctioning body. THERE ARE SO MANY SANCTIONING BODY'S WBC WBA WBO IBF QXZ OPO THAT US BOXING FANS GO BY WHAT RING MAGAZINE POSTS AS CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD. THE TALENT IS BEING SPREAD TOO THIN.

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Why is there no SCCA section on WikiAnswers?

Good question! Perhaps there could be if SCCA members and fans press for it. SCCA is, after all, the largest road racing sanctioning body in the western hemisphere and the sanctioning body for the US Grand Prix - when there is one. WIKIANSWERS - ARE YOU LISTENING?

What is the difference between 'Undisputed Linear' and 'Interim' Champions in boxing?

"Undisputed" means you hold all of the 4 major sanctioning bodies titles at the same time (WBC, WBA, IBF and WBO). "Linear" means that you hold beat the champion who was last undisputed, but had titles taken away from sanctioning bodies for not paying the fee to the sanctioning body or not facing their determined #1 contender. "Interim" refers to someone who wins a title without beating the current champion. this happens when a champion is injured and cannot defend his title for a long period of time, and is then stripped of his belt.

When did the Cruiserweight Division start?

The World Boxing Council was the first sanctioning body to hold a Crusierweight Championship fight in 1979. That fight, between Mate Parlov and Marvin Camel, ended in a draw. A rematch in 1980 saw Camel become the first Crusierweight Champion of the World.

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Who is the boxing heavy weight champ?

The answer depends on what boxing organization you are talking about. Here is a list of the current (2009) heavyweight champions for the four major sanctioning bodies. World Boxing Association - Nikolay Valuev World Boxing Council - Vitali Klitschko International Boxing Federation - Wladimir Klitschko World Boxing Organization - Wladimir Klitschko For updates, see related links below.

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