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none, paintballs do not fly far enough or are accurate enough to make any kind of precision aiming devise usefull

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Q: What is the best red dot sight for a tippmann 98 custom?
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Does a core 30mm red dot sight fit on the tippmann project salvo?

Yes, all scopes that fit on the 7/8 rail will fit on the salvo.

What is the best attachment for the m4a1 in mw2?

red dot sight

What perks go best with acr in mw3?

a red dot sight

Best sight for a paintball gun?

AIM B Style Red Dot Gun Sight-wrong your barrel

What is an electric sight on an airsoft gun?

an electric sight is a "red dot" sight that uses a laser to project a red dot where the airsoft bbs will go when you sight it it.

How do you get a square sight on black ops?

To get a square, or any shaped sight, go to create a class > (choose custom) > primary > attachments > red dot or reflex sight > go back to primary page > reticle > scroll down until you find your shape.

What is the best gun in Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare?

The best gun is the AK-47 with the red dot sight.

What does the BSA red dot sight test measure?

The BSA red dot sight test measures how well a person can use a BSA red dot sight on a gun. BSA red dot sights are good for quarter and medium range targets.

Can you put a scope on a Stevens model 58-d?

I have one and am thinking of putting a red dot sight on it. The only way to go would be a custom rail on the barrel imo.

How do you have an emblem sight in black ops?

Get a red dot sight or reflex sight and create the lens....

What is the Reflex sight in COD MW3 and BO?

It isn't in MW3. It's basically a red dot sight with a customizable center dot.

What is the difference between the red dot sight and the reflex sight?

There is essentially no difference in the two, they both do the same thing but they look different on the outside. Technically speaking, a red-dot is a reflex sight.