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Besides the mask, which is mandatory, The neck protector, Paintball vest, Cup and hard gloves are the best protection.

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Q: What is the best protection for paintball?
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What damage can a paintball do?

Welts and bruises normally. Without protection, it can cause blindness and deafness with impact. Best protection is a certified paintball mask and motocross gear underneath your clothes.

Where can you buy a 'cup protection' for paintball?

Any sports cup will do.

What is the best paintball store?

Depending on the area, you should find a paintball pro shop other then a retail shop. The best online paintball store is Ultimate Paintball.

What makes the best airsoft and paintball bunkers?

Certified psp paintball bunkers

Is paintball in Pune at fun addaa?

paintball in pune is at fun addaa and its one of the best paintball zones in the world, and its also india's first indoor paintball arena.

Which retailer has the best deal on paintball gun packages?

Canadian Tire has the best deal on paintball gun packages. One can also get best deal from paintball online store. Amazon has Tippmann 98 package for $154.

Where is the best place to buy a paintball gun?

Anywhere that is an official paintball pro-shop. Maybe certified by Tippmann or any paintball company.

What is the best alternative for paintball pellets?

There is none, only use pellets designed specifically for paintball.

What is the best brand of paintball?

The best brand of paintballs are Marballizers.

Who are the best paintball players?

im one of the best no joke......

What is the best paintball website to go to?

What is the best site to get paintball guns?