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Due to an injury causing a separated shoulder, Mike Reasor played his third round at the 1974 Tallahassee Open with one arm and one club. He whacked around a 5-iron the whole day en route to a 51-over 123. It remains the highest score in PGA Tour history.

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The official record are three 58's ... Jason Bohn in the 2001 Canadian Tour Bayer Championship, Shigeki Maruyama in 2000 during the US Open sectional qualifier, and Ryo Ishikawa in 2010 at the Crowns event on the Japanese Golf Tour ... the latter round is the only 58 ever shot on one of the worlds 4 major tours.

There are documented cases for scores of 57, 56 and even 55 though those scores were not during competition rounds, and the 55 was on a par 70 measuring around 5,000 yards in length.

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I beg to differ, Actually on a tour in the UK called the Jamega tour a professional shot a low score of 105 around Hayling Island in 2010! WALLOP

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Tiger Woods, 18+ at burton mini 2009?

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Q: What is the best professional golf score ever recorded worldwide?
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