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wing attack because if your center you have to be everywhere and it's harder.

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Q: What is the best position is netball centre or wing attack?
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What is the best netball position?

there is no best position as a fact but there is as a opinion your opinion

How many people play on court in netball?

AnswerThere are 7 players on the netball court from each team the positions are: Goal defence, wing Defence, Goal Attack, Centre, Wing attack, Goal Keeper and Goal Shooter. it is probably best that you have 9 players, 2 sub's incase of injuries.

Who is the most best netball team?

The best netball team is the swifts

What position should the best athlete on a soccer team play?


What skills and abilities do you have to have to play netball?

To play netball, all you need is to be willing and to have a goal. You don't neccessarily need to have a skill or ability. I play netball, and I've played it for five whole years. Well, there are nine players in a team, with seven on the field. And they are: C - Centre GA - Goal Attack (shooter) GD - Goal Defence WA - Wing Attack WD - Wind Defence GS - Goal Shooter (shooter) GK - Goal Keeper In my years of experience, I've learnt that netball requires quite a lot of stamina. Running around the court, jumping, shooting, defending, etc. has it's ups and downs. I suggest you train every week. Centre should have a lot of stamina and must have a clear vision to look over the whole court. Goal Attack and Goal Shooter should practise shooting very often. Goal Defence and Goal Keeper should practise defending and tactics to catch the ball on the rebound. Wing Attack and Wing Defence need to be aware at the beginning, because it is best for Wing Attack to catch the ball from Centre so Goal Attack and Goal Shooter can get into the Shooting Circle. Hope I helped!

Why practice netball?

it is the best!

What is the best netball club in the blacktown council area?

Glenwood netball club

What is the best netball team in Australia?

The current ANZ Netball Championship best team in Australia are the NSW Swifts

What is the best girl sport?


What is the best team in netball?


Why is Liz Ellis the best player in netball?

you would know if you have seen her play netball .

Do you have to be an experienced netball player to play for the netball team?

No, you don't have to be an experienced netball player to play for a netball team. Everyone has to start somewhere. Start & you will soon get better. best of luck

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