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Q: What is the best method to cool turbocharger inter-coolers?
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Why are coolers necessary after a turbocharger?

Coolers are necessary after a turbo-charge to help in the smooth running of the engine. The main purpose of the coolers is to cool down the engine after using a turbo charger.

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Simple,you get a hairdryer from wallmart for 10$ that has a cool switch on it,stick it on cool and find a way to power it,route it straight to the intake.But be carefull,this could do things you'd never expect.

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Will an intercooler work on non turbo car?

Yes and No. Intercoolers cool air that is compressed in a turbo. You can setup an intercooler on a non turbo car and have it connected to the air intake and such... will rob you of horsepower by sending air through a lot of unnecessary tubes.

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