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Q: What is the best material for a basketball court?
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What is the best surface to play basketball on?

a basketball court

What kind of basketball best for outdoor basketball court?

an orange one

Who has the best court in college basketball?


Who is the best basketball player on court?


Did the Titanic have basketball court?

No the titanic did not have a basketball court haha

Is it a basketball court or a basketball pitch?

The correct name for it is A basketball court.

Where is the wing on basketball court?

Its at the wing on the basketball court bird.

Can you show me a basketball court?

This is a basketball court

What is a basketball court?

A basketball court is a designated, usually concreted, area on which the game of basketball is played.

Is a women's basketball court smaller than a men's basketball court?


What is the best basketball court in the NBA?

Auburn Hills Palace of the Detroit Pistons.

What is required to play basketball?

a basketball a basketball court. and you.

What do you play basketball on?

a basketball court

Can you show me a Diagram of a label basketball court?

Size of a 3 on 3 basketball court?

Same as a usual basketball court

Where you play basket ball?

On a basketball court. Normally in schools, there is a basketball court.

What is the square footage for basketball half court?

size of basketball half court.

Why is there a basketball court in the top on matterhorn at Disneyland?

why is there a basketball court in the top of the matterhorn

What are the equipmaent in basketball?

basketball, basketball shoes, uniforms, basketball court, hoops

Which unit of measure would be best for measuring the length of a basketball court?

Feet and inches

Are there five players on a basketball court?

yes there are five players on a court at once in basketball

What are a basketball court's dimensions?

In the NBA a basketball court is 90' long and 54'wide

Where is basketball generaly played?

on a basketball court

Where is basketball mostly played?

On a basketball court.

What is the name of the arena for basketball?

a basketball court

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