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Stunning people is a very good tactic to put someone through great pain without doing much damage. Here are some steps to effectively stun people:

1) Strengthen your fingers by doing finger push ups or pinching plates

2) Look up where some pressure points are located on the human body

3) Put your fingers together and strike the pressure points with the tips of your fingers

*This technique is usually not lethal, but it hurts a lot.

Here is another stunning technique - Spread out your hand with your fingertips together. Now quickly and hardly smack a persons ears with your hands. It will kind of be in a clapping motion, as if your clapping your hands. Or it would look like your trying to pop a balloon.

*This technique is extremely painful if done correctly, and it is also very dangerous. It could possibly cause a person to go deaf if you do it hard enough. Do not do this as a joke, only do it if you are truly in danger and need to defend yourself.

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Q: What is the best martial arts move to stun someone?
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