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There are no cheap magazine fed guns unfortunately, but if you are willing to search and/or wait for a good deal you can find one for a much lower price than normal. I personally bought a rap4 marker used for around $300, and it works great for me even if it is a bit older.

A great deal to keep your eye out for though, is when rap4 events end. The company will refurbish all the rentals and sell them for very low prices. These basically brand new guns (used for 10 games tops) are around that $300 range, but they will be the top of the line.

My brother purchased one of these guns, and we have both tried it out. The guns work great, and it came with 2 extra magazines. All in all a great deal. The current big game they have planned is Operation: Endwar, which will be in early October. Keep an eye on this game, maybe even participate to try the gun out, and then shortly after, most rentals will be up on eBay.

Good luck, I hope you like the gun, if you purchase it.

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If you are playing Milsim with mag fed, its whatever gun youd like it to look like, as you give up any advantages normal guns have. The conversion kit for a BT4 is likely the cheapest.

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Q: What is the best mag fed paintball gun?
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What is the paintball gun that has A mag?

Yes. several Tiberius arms and Rap4 markers are magazine fed.

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No, they are different magazines and will not fit each other. The Mrx holds 10 rounds, the t68 holds 20.

Where can I find a Rossi 22 mag. M59 tube fed magazine?

Want ad, auctions, gun shop, gun shows.

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The M240 is the US name for the MAG machinegun. Built in Belgium by FN Herstal, it is a an air cooled, belt fed medium machine gun in caliber 7.62 NATO.

What is a m240 bravo?

The M240B is an American variant of the Belgian FN-MAG machine gun. It is a belt-fed, gas operated, air cooled machine gun which fires the 7.62x51 NATO cartridge.

Is pp90m1 the best gun in mw3?

Of course, it is the best gun for close combat.Just put range and extended mag because it runs out of ammo fast.

Are the model 60 and 70 marlin glenfield about the same gun?

the model 60 is tube fed where the 70 is a clip fed model there are some small differences but manily the 70 is a 60 with no tube,or feeing lips just has a mag holder instead and the stock has that hole for the mag cut out that's really it

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What is the best gun on call of duty black ops 2 online?

I think it's the An-94 with Silencer,FMJ and Grip(Xtended Mag,Fast Mag,Quickdraw).

What is the cheapest scenario gun that is mag feed and looks realistic that you can find?

The cheapest magazine fed markers are the T68 SMG- $321 and The MILSIG CQB pro- $324. There are cheaper magazine fed pistols, but I'm assuming you meant main markers.