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If I were you I'd focus less on long boarding and more on English class.

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Q: What is the best longboarding places?
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Best longboarding wheels for freeride sliding 2014?

Zombie Hawgs is the best longboarding wheels for freerideing.

What is the most unhealthy pop?

longboarding is the best sport ever

Is Hawaii good for longboarding?

Surfing- on the longboard- was created in Hawaii. It is the best.

Is longboarding better than skateboarding?

If you want to do tricks, then get a skateboard , but if you just want to get to places, then get a longboard.

Best places to longboard?

I'd say Vancouver (Landyachtz and Rayne are based there), California (Sector 9). San Juan , and Puerto Rico (Originalskateboards) I also think that you can find the best longboarding spots on The best overall places are probably California and Hawaii.

Where is the best place to longboard in the US?

It really depends on what type of longboarding you are doing. There are many different types of longboarding that need different types of terrain to skate on. For downhill the best places are probably Colorado, California, and North Carolina. There are many great places to skate though. I am planning on doing a cross-country tour sometime to skate around the U.S. This is not close in the future but I will hopefully do this sometime in my life.

What gear is required for longboarding?

well actually no gear is really required for longboarding!...

Is longboarding a sport?


When was longboarding discovered?


Which is more dangerous longboarding or skateboarding?

My Mom

What rhymes with snowboarding?


How do you get sponsored in longboarding?

enter some competitions and get noticed

What are the best longboarding bearings?

in longboarding bearings don't make that much difference (providing they are clean and oiled) unless you are racing slalom or downhill were every 0.001 of a second counts. so cheap well made easy to clean bearings are the best e.g. bones reds or bilitins are great simple to clean and change.

How do you switch from longboarding to skateboarding?

longboarding and skateboarding are similar in the sense of riding, but longboards are used mostly for cruzing, and skateboards are mostly used for tricks, but riding is almost the same

What are the best longboard bearings?

biltin bearings seem to be the best for longboarding because they have built in spacers but there are also several other good bearings suh as reds, bones and bear.

How many people die a year from longboarding?

6 billion

What does longboarding gloves do and how do they work?

longboarding gloves are used for carving a and power sliding, when a longboarder is bombing a hill and wants to slow down the best way to do this is to power-slide when doing this you ut your hands on the ground for stabilization, this is where the gloves come in, the plastic easily slides on the ground and keeps you stable

What are the different divisions in skateboarding?

There are Longboarding, Street Skating(I prefer that), and Vert.(Ramps)

What are better for longboarding bones reds or abec 9s?

i prefer bone reds

What is better for downhill boarding mountain boarding or longboarding?

Your question's answer is an opinion there is no wrong answer

Where are silverfish longboard manufactured?

Silverfish isn't a longboard manufacturer, they are a longboarding website/forum.

What sport is compared with snowboarding?

Skateboarding, longboarding, surfing, and ripsticking are all similar to snowboarding.

What are good longboarding sliding gloves for a good price?

None because gloves are for pussys

What is the science of longboarding?

this is an impossible question to answer because there is no science in longboarding. it is all relying on weight, and gravity for the speed of the board which as you know has 4 wheels to help it move. But gravity, force, and weight is all that goes into it. Maybe some downhill too.

Where are some good casual longboarding spots in Auckland?

mission bay to st heliers all the way.