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LAFC (Los Angeles football club)

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Q: What is the best kids soccer club in the us?
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What is the most selling soccer jersey in the US?

Club America Soccer Jerseys

What is the most played sport by kids in the US?


Which European Club Soccer team is most popular in the US?


Who is the best soccer player in US womens soccer?

thats an opinion

What are some decent team war cries for girls soccer?

we are ?????? soccer club we came to play the game now that you've played us you will never be the same we beat you in the tackles we beat you to the ball and we beat you as a team that's the best of all we are ??????soccer club and we showed you how to play we are ???????soccer club there just one more thing to say go ?????? clap clap clap clap clap 3 times cheers

Which is the best soccer club in US?

La Galaxy are the MLS champions and they have Landon Donovan Robbie Keane and David Beckham- Donovan and Keane in my opinion are the 2 best players in the league

What is chivas town US and where is located?

Club Deportivo Chivas USA is an American soccer club based in the Los Angeles suburb of Carson, California, that participates in Major League Soccer.

Who is the best soccer player the US Men's National Soccer Team has had?

Landon Donovan.

If you are a soccer player and just moved to the US what do you do to continue playing soccer in the US?

There are many soccer leagues in the US. Anybody can play soccer no matter where they are or how old they are. There are club teams for children and adult leagues for adults. You just have to search around and find out what leagues are in you area.

What is the best soccer team in the US?

Chivas USA

Best US soccer player?

Landon Donovan.

Why is Liverpool not called Liverpool Soccer Club?

Because it is not known as "Soccer" in the UK, in fact the US is one of the only nations that calls football soccer, it is known as football to the rest of the world. It is however known as Liverpool F.C (Liverpool Football Club)

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