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Walking away without fighting.

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Q: What is the best karate move ever?
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Is karate kid the best movie ever?


What is the first move in Karate?

The first move you'll ever learn is not by using or hands or feet, its by using your brain and moving out of the way

The best karate master ever?

Bob the builder. And you better believe it.

What is the best move ever in soccer?

The best move ever is the bysikle kick

How can you master karate at brown belt?

You don't master karate at brown belt. You don't normally ever master karate. The best thing to do is to practice often and hard.

Who is the best karate master ever?

Considering the wide number of centuries and the inability to even know some of the historical karate-ka it would be only an opinion.

What is Jackie Chan's favorite Karate move?

Jackie Chan does not have a favourite Karate move.

Whats the best karate?

There is no "best" Karate type it varys on what type you want to do. The best karate style is the one that you will study and practice.

Why is karate the best sport?

karate being the best sport is your OPINION, it cant be proven or given a reason why. i like karate and think it is a great sport, but you cant call it the best

What are karate skills?

It's the way that you move. You just consontrat on it and you will find a way to learn Karate.

What kind of karate is the best in the US?

American Kenpo Karate.

What is the coolest martial art?

Karate all the way. i know i do karate and have done a couple others. karate is the best.

Has there ever been a girl Karate Kid?

Yes. The karate kid is a girl in the 2nd movie (at least I think it's the 2nd) The Next Karate Kid.

Who is is best in karate?

Since "best" would be considered a opinion, their is no best. Pick who you think is the best at karate, because your opinion should be yours, and not somebody else's.

How do you put someone to sleep with a karate move?

No, you cannot put someone to sleep with a karate move. You can knock them out or render them unconscious with a blow, but they are not sleeping. It is too dangerous to attempt without proper supervision. Find a karate instructor who can teach you in a controlled and safe environment.

Is Karate Kid nominate for Academy Award?

The only Academy Award Karate Kid was ever nominated in was Best Supporting Actor (Pat Morita). It was only nominated, no victory. It did not qualify high enough to be considered "Oscar material" at the time of its run.

Did brenda ever take karate?

Yes, Brenda Sung did take Karate. She originaly wanted to join dance classes. But she ended up joining Karate with her Brother, who now no longer takes Karate classes.

What is the best karate school in NJ?

There are hundreds of karate schools in New Jersey. The one that is the best is going to be a personal decision based on what works for you and want you want to get out of it. Traditional Okinawan Karate- East West Karate Sparta NJ.

What is the best stuntman move ever?

The best stuntman movie ever is James Bond, but that is my opinion.

What is the best Pokemon move ever?

it is selfdestruct 250 damage

What is the best karate movie?

try karate kid, it is very funny... hope i helped

Is the pelican move a part of karate?

I have never heard of a 'pelican' move. I have heard of 'white crane.'

Is there a karate move called the kiss of death and what does it entail?

No, there is not a legitimate move called the Kiss of Death.

What is the best grass type move for all Pokemon ever?


A sentence with serendipity?

serendipity is the best move ever