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Ameriquest Field (Texas Rangers) and Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia Phillies). It was Coors Field, home of the Rockies, in Colorado, where the air is thin and the ball carries, until the humidor was installed, which help to make the balls slightly heavier. Wrong!!! CBP gets a bum rap as a hitter's park. Although the Cubs are the only team to score more runs than the Phillies in the NL, CBP @1.029 is ranked 15th in ESPN's "Park Factors" for 2008. Only Angel Stadium @1.07 (#16) and Cleveland's Progressive Field @ 0.995 (#17) could be consisdered more fair to both hitters and pitchers. Below are the rankings of "hitter's parks", home teams and their rankings in runs scored. 1. Rangers Ballpark (Texas Rangers #1-AL) 1.142 2. Chase Field (Arizona D'backs #10-NL) 1.135 3. Coors Field (Colorado Rockies #8-NL ) 1.126 4. U.S. Cellular Field (Chicago White Sox #5-AL) 1.122 5. Fenway Park (Boston, Massachusetts #2-AL) 1.077 6. Comerica Park (Detroit Tigers #4-AL) 1.077 7. Great American (Cincinnati Reds #12-NL) 1.069 8. Wrigley Field (ChicagoCubs #1-NL) 1.068 9. Turner Field (Atlanta Braves #6-NL) 1.063 10. Camden Yards (Baltimore Orioles #8-AL) 1.051 11. AT&T Park (San Francisco, California #15-NL) 1.045 12. Yankee Stadium (New York Yankees #7-AL) 1.04 13. Nationals Park (Washington Nationals #14-NL) 1.038 14. Minute Maid Park (Houston Astros #11-NL) 1.036 15. Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia Phillies #2-NL) 1.029 16. Angel Stadium (California Angels #10-AL) 1.017 Notice the Texas Rangers, by virtue of playing in the AL with the designated hitter and in the top hitting stadium, not so surprisingly led all MLB teams in runs. While the Phillies finishing in a tie for 2nd in the NL (Where pitchers actually bat) earned their ranking by playing in a ballpark that barely favored hitting over pitching.

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Q: What is the best hitters park in the MLB?
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