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The only team I've even heard of from Mississippi is Cheer Force One

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south panola no dobt 98% of the time

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Q: What is the best high school football team in Mississippi?
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What is the record for the most overtime high school football wins in the state of Mississippi?

Jacob Joshua McClain High School Lexington Mississippi

Mississippi's winningest football coach in high school?

jim drewery

Who is the best team in football?

for high school it is Trinity High School in Euless TX, but for NFL football it is the steelers

Where did Brett Favre play college football?

Brett Favre played his college football at the University of Southern Mississippi (USM) in Hattiesburg.The University of Southern Mississippi.

How many rushing yards do Noah Ingram have in Mississippi high school football?


Bonfires high school football?

YES! they are the best

Who thrown the most touchdown passes in a single game in Mississippi high school football?

Tim Couch

Who Is 5a State Football Champions in Mississippi?

The 2007 5A champs were South Panola High School in Batesville.

What is the largest high school in Mississippi?

The largest high school in Mississippi is Tupelo High school, with 1994 students.

When was Resurrection High School - Mississippi - created?

Resurrection High School - Mississippi - was created in 1882.

What is the best football camp to attend?

Randall High School Football Camp. Amarillo, Tx

Who would win between the Detroit Lions and the best High School football team in America?

The Detroit Lions would win, because the NFL pulls out the best of the best college football players and college football takes the best high school football players. The Lions would win easy.