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Mob and jessup

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โˆ™ 2011-09-19 00:50:24
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Q: What is the best griptape for skateboards?
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What is the top ten griptape for skateboards?

Jessup~i hear!

What are the price of skateboards based on?

the parts... deck trucks wheels bolts bearings and griptape

Can you spraypaint over your griptape for skateboards?

you can i have before but i wouldn't advise it because it takes the roughness from the griptape so youll have a harder time ollieing and getting the board up.

Are krown skateboards good?

yes,it has awsome griptape,cool logos,cool trucks,strong decks

What are rodny mullens sponsors?

Rodney Mullen is sponsored by Globe Shoes, Almost Skateboards, Tensor Trucks & Bearings, & MOB GripTape.

What are the best skateboards ever?

the best skateboards are ether girls or chocolate

Are baker skateboards good?

yes baker skateboards are the best skateboards you can ever get

What is the best skateboarding griptape brand?

Mob or Grizzly

Which are the best skateboards?


How do you color your Tech Deck grip tape?

The truth is that you can't really color your tech deck griptape. Unless you do it with a marker or something. The only way to color the griptape is by taking it off a real skateboard. Or you could buy a grip tape on, griptape is sold in lots of different colors and patterns, best of all, it ready to use. Plus the grips are made from the same grip tape material used on larger skateboards giving you a better grip on your tech decks.

What are the parts on skateboards called?

The deck is the wooden part that holds the griptape and the trucks on. The trucks hold the wheels. The bolts on the top of the deck go through the deck to hold everything together.

What skateboard brands are best for vert skating?

Elephant brand skateboards or Dogtown skateboards.

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