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long stick

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Q: What is the best girls lacrosse stick to use while playing defence?
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How long should a girls lacrosse stick be?

A girls lacrosse stick should be about as long as your arms and fingers.

What is the best brand of girls lacrosse sticks to use while playing defence?

I play both attack and defense and I have found that the best stick to use in general is a harrow stick. I have the tapered shaft. In my opinion, it is the best for both attack and defense.

How should a lacrosse stick should be?

A girls Lacrosse stick should be about as long as your arms and fingers.

What do girls need to play lacrosse?

lacrosse stick, girls lacrosse cloves, facemask, and thats it un less you are a goalie.

What did they use to play lacrosse?

To play girls lacrosse, you need lacrosse goggles,a girl's lacrosse stick, and a mouthguard.

Can you put tape on a girls lacrosse stick?


Do you tackle in lacrosse for girls?

No, their is no hitting in girls lacrosse. You can "check" the head of the stick if it is below their shoulders other than that you cant touch them

Is there a difference in a boys lacrosse stick shaft and a girls stick shaft?

yes, a girls lacrosse stick is skinnier and more often then not a crankshaft. also its usually smooth grip unlike men's metallic grips.

Is there a difference for to different genders lacrosse stick?

There is a difference between boys and girls lacrosse that is barely noticeable. You can't even tell the difference from the two sticks. Anybody can mistake a boys stick for a girls stick. There is no difference in what you buy.

What is the Regulation size of a lacrosse pocket?

in girls lacrosse you have to have your stick at eye leval and the ball has to be seen above the head

What do you need to play girls lacrosse?

All you need to play girls lacrosse is a stick thin gloves which you can find at a sport store and eye goggles

Can girls hit in lacrosse?

no, they can not hit in lacrosse. girls are allowed to hit the stick only if it is above the shoulder. if you are playing on defense, you are allowed to push against the stick with your stick very slightly but you need to keep your arms out staright, no bending and then extending to push the other girl's stick. if you are fighting for a ball, you may use your botox to push the other girl away or your hips. no hands or legs or sticks.

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