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University of Alabama.

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Q: What is the best football school in Alabama?
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Who is the best player in Alabama High School Football history?

David Palmer

Which school is better in football Stanford or Alabama?

Historicaly it would be Alabama but from present it would be Stanford

What NCAA school holds the most football championships?


Alabama's winningest football coach in high school?

Kenneth McKinney

What college football team has the best audience pull?


When was the first Alabama football game?

On November 11, 1892, Alabama beat Birmingham High School 56-0.

Who is the second best college football team?

Alabama crimson tide!

Best college football team of all time?

The Alabama Crimson Tide.

What college football team has the best defense from 1960 to present?

alabama 1992

Which ncca football team in sec as the best winning percentage?

alabama, lsu

What is the best public high school in Alabama according to both Newsweek US News World Report the best is Loveless Academic Magnet Program in Montgomery Alabama?

Answers vary, but my bet is the Alabama School of Fine Arts, located in Birmingham, Alabama.

Does Alabama football team rock?

No they only won one nattianol champship game nebraska rocks!!!!! JK.....Alabama is THE BEST!!! :)