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If you want protective and the best helmet out there it is the Schutt Youth Ion 4d. It is easily the most safe helmet on the market, let me tell you why. The reason is because it has a type of gel on the inside that forms to the exact shape of your head so that your head is not getting banged around on the inside. And my other reason is because it has these little bumps on the side of the helmet and those are called shock absorbers and what those do is when you go helmet to helmet with someone they absorb the shock on your facemask so you don't feel that much. Thanks for reading my answer!

The best is actually the Xenith X1 - research has proven this helmet to reduce concussive impact significantly more than the Ion or the Riddell Revolution.

^^^^^^^^I agree with this person. Xenith is the best

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Q: What is the best football helmet for kids?
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There is no such thing. A football helmet is a football helmet just different style , names, and comfort

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If a parent needs to buy a football helmet for one of the kids, the best place to look is at a sporting goods store. Dick's and Dunham's are two excellent retailers that sell football helmets.

What is the best football helmet on the market?

the new schutt ion 4d or the ridell revolution the best football helmet is the xenith x1 check it out at

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The revo speed is a pricy but good football helmet. There is also the revo and many schutt helmets are very comfortable.

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What is the best way to paint a football helmet?Just to collect not for use.

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A football helmet is a molded shell of polycarbonate plastic. Click on the 'Football Helmet Design and Manufacture' link on this page to learn how football helmets are made.

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In today's world of football no it is not a good football helmet. Your better off with a concussion Prevention helmet like a xenith or DNA or riddell.

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