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the cripple cross face!

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Q: What is the best female submission wrestling hold?
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What different versions of tapout exist in wrestling?

Submission, or tap out as it is commonly called, is when a fighter submits due to injury, an inescapable hold, or a submission hold. Being knocked out is also considered submission.

When did Submission Hold end?

Submission Hold ended in 2005.

When was Submission Hold created?

Submission Hold was created in 1993.

How do you do a submission hold with a nunchuck?

Get it in a sleeper hold

How long can you hold a Breaking Point submission hold in WWE 2k14?

You can hold a Breaking Point submission hold in WWE 2k14 for 2 minutes.

What wrestler hold the most submission victories?

I think i give regard to wrestle mania HULK HOGAN during his reigns he is the best whooo i love him is a very wrestler at his time. If you love him so much you would know the was not a submission wrestler he never won by submission

How do you wrench a submission on WWE 12?

you hold a button

What effect to the body does the Undertaker's new submission hold do?

the new submission causes internal bleeding in the throat of the opponent

What is a bodylock hold?

It is another name for a 'bear hug', a hold in wrestling.

What is the phrase used to the wrestling hold?

the sleeper hold is the most used

What is Daniel Bryan's submission hold called?

It is called the LeBell Lock.

How do you do a submission in WWE 13 ps3?

Hold down grapple X